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Interactive tactical solutions for Coaches and Players

Tactical Match

Interactive match play simulation.

Drag and drop your formations onto the canvas and move your Players, so that match strategy can be formulated around positional play.


Set out creative patterns of play, annotate, save and share with connected Players and Coaches in an instant.

Ideal for pitch-side information sharing and real-time decision making.

Tactical Training

Interactive training made easy.

Set out your training sessions using custom, attack or defensive pitch formats.

Drag, drop and move Players, Jokers and assets such as cones so that training strategies can be created.

Save creative patterns of play, annotate, save and share with connected Players and Coaches in an instant.

Link to the Cruyff Football Hub for extra tips, tricks and training insight as an additional resource. 

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Tactical Share

Save, record or screen capture images or animated sequences from your Training or Match sessions to your live gallery.

Within the gallery, you then have the option to share screen capture sessions, annotations and recorded animations with connected individual team members for better collaboration. Why not try over Zoom!

Screen captures will appear in the gallery of associated individual members' accounts for viewing or they can be sent via your preferred social platforms.

Tactical Collaboration

Take advantage of a real-time collaborative session that enables remote sessions with other Team members.

By inviting a remote Team member into a live session, all members can interact and collaboratively work out a strategy all on the same cavus. 

Ideal for gathering valuable input and feedback from Players from their point of view in a classroom, on the pitch side or at home via a remote video conference session.


Individual            Team            Pro

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Tactical Drills

Team/Club package only.

Simply drag up pre-set interactive drills based on the Cruyff methodology, which are then ready to interact with immediately to instruct your Players. 


We share the knowledge and experience that we have gathered from the last 30 years of Coaching at different levels to help coaches improve their quality of coaching.

All the drills are specifically selected to offer you the best all of the time.

To further your education, learn with explanations, tips, and descriptive details at every step of the drill, with high-value content that you can’t find on any other platform, by contacting us for further details on the Cruyff Football Hub.

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