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Standing on the shoulders of giants

Photo: Antoni Campañá


C14Pad is an official partner of Cruyff Football and is endorsed to work with the football legacy of Johan Cruyff. 

C14Pad has been created with an unparalleled blend of Coaching and Technology expertise with experience from the elite sporting arena.  Providing the best-in-class products and services that follow the Cruyff methodology for advancing the education and performance of Coaches and Players Internationally.

Based on the philosophy that "Football has no time" (Albert Capellas 2023), the C14Pad experience provides an immediate, literal and informative approach to training and match planning.

With digitised integrated training drills based on the Cruyff method (as an upgrade to the Coach package), the product is targeted at grass-roots to professional-level sporting performance. 

Suitable for large format touch displays to tablets, PC's and mobile devices, an all-inclusive licencing platform allows for Clubs, Coaches and Players to collaborate in a fully collaborative environment. 

ExtresFutbol-67 600.png
Photo: Antoni Campañá

Cruyff Football Hub

Why not gain further insight with the Cruyff Football Hub!

A  dynamic digital space with digital applications and drills that will enable Coaches and Players to train and play, following the inspiration of Johan Cruyff’s possessional game philosophy.


We share our knowledge and experience in Coaching at all levels, from the lowest level in youth football to the highest level in professional football.

With access to online courses, including pictures, 2D animations, videos, formative capsules and webinars, we enable Coaches and Players to keep on growing!

Cruyff Football Hub Preview
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